Nice to meet ya! I'm Diana Chin, your friendly plus size bruja lifestyle blogger residing in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.

 Sun in Taurus • Moon in Virgo • Rising in Cancer

Sun in Taurus • Moon in Virgo • Rising in Cancer

I combine my various career experiences (web designer, CX specialist, social media manager, beauty influencer and tarot reader) into a cohesive and practical voice where I genuinely share my experiences.  Since 2014, my written work has appeared in Fierce by mitú, Medium,  She Owns It, and others. 

About Me:

I graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Science (2007) and Masters in Internet Technology (2009) at Pace University.

Rather than pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science, I created my web design business Red Lotus Designz where I help clients develop minimalistic websites and designs catered to small businesses and creatives in the holistic, spiritual and wellness fields.  

I also created my lifestyle online magazine Modern Witchy Woman where I provide a safe space for women to submit written work about their spirituality and womanhood in a fast-paced world.

I'm a wife to an amazing Scorpio husband & mother to an energetic Taurus toddler, and I love to drink copious amount of tea (Earl Grey is my personal favorite) while assimilating myself to activities in reading, listening to music, painting, video games (I'm a Nintendo and PC gamer), singing and cooking Asian & Latin Caribbean fusion food.

About My Website:

On my website, you will find product reviews and in-depth blog posts related to beauty, fashion, spirituality, parenthood and technology.  As a woman with Latin / South Asian ethnic backgrounds, my focal point is spreading awareness to diverse indie brands in today's time. Too often, we see multicultural brands falling through the cracks due to lack of representation in the media. My hope is to provide credibility and advocate diverse brands by promoting and creating holistic relationships.

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