How I Minimized My Skincare Routine With Two All-Natural Ingredients

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When it comes to skincare, it's a constant battle between my face and the over piling amount of items rarely used. Sometimes I ask myself if I have a hoarding problem (please don't answer this question. I think I know the answer.)

As someone who suffers from adult acne and dry patches on my skin, I wanted to find an all-natural solution that'll help me provide the following:

  • Reduce the appearance of acne
  • Make my skin refreshed
  • Moisturize skin without greasiness

A while back, I did some research on rose water from a recommendation via a friend. I found an article that mentions the benefits of combining rose water with glycerin. For those who are not aware, glycerin is found in skincare products that help the aid of moisturizing the skin. It is especially prevalent in after-shave balms for men. 

A couple of folks noted that this item on Amazon is a consumer favorite regarding keeping your skin moisturized without feely greasy. However, I wasn't too keen on spending close to $20 when I wanted to purchase them locally. Thankfully, I was able to find the two items below (one at my local Hindu religious shop and the other one at Walgreens).

  Left: Rose Water by Vedic Care; Right: 100% Glycerin by Africare

Left: Rose Water by Vedic Care; Right: 100% Glycerin by Africare

Initially, I was using handmade beeswax which did help for the cold winter months. However, the price of buying beeswax pellets was a bit high, so I decided to forego my efforts on creating more batches. For the price that I paid for the rose water and glycerin, I managed to save at least 3 dollars. 

I started on the rose water and glycerin routine since January 2018. Rather than applying the ingredients separately, I decided to make a spray version (similar to the one on Amazon, but with a different ratio). I don't remember the exact ratio amount, but I remember adding more rose water than glycerin since too much of it will make the skin look more greasy than dewy. 

Once the mixture was complete, I decided to test it out by spritzing on my skin once every night before I go to bed, paying attention to the affected acne areas. Sometimes, I would do circular motions on my face to make sure that the solution is easily absorbed. 

It's now close to the end of February and I'm loving the results so far. 

You'll notice that my face seems a bit plumper and hydrated. One of the takeaways from this skincare routine is that my acne scars are less visible. My face doesn't feel too puffy, especially on late nights when my toddler is wide awake in the wee hours of the morning. Another nice benefit is the firming effect on my skin. Before, my skin would feel looser, especially around the jawline. 

I should note that the rose water and glycerin solution is not an instant cure-all. However, if you give yourself enough time and patience, you'll start to see the results slowly. 

Have you tried out this combo? I would love to hear your thoughts at the comments section!

  My face without makeup. Taken on the iPhone X.

My face without makeup. Taken on the iPhone X.

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