La Sirena Prosperity Oil & Abundance Soap Review


Twitter is a treasure trove in finding unique spiritual products while connecting with their owners. My friends Marlena at Warm Blunt Tarot and Monique at Awakened Queen were talking about bath and oils. Upon curiosity, they recommended La Sirena.  

La Sirena (a.k.a. Naree' Renelle) is the owner of La Santuario de Amor de Bruja (Witch’s Love Sanctuary) at and  She specializes in love potions, beard oils, body butter, sugar scrubs, and soaps. Many of her clients post rave reviews via social media on the potency of her items. I decided to purchase the Abundance Soap and Prosperity Oil. 

Shipping was quick and I received my items within a week's time. Upon opening her package, I was encapsulated by the scents of her items. The aroma was a mixture of floral and earthy scents. The packaging was simple but beautifully done. The amount of care that was wrapped can be seen when you open them for the first time.


I adore the flowers on the Abundance soap. The size of the soap was reasonable and the craftsmanship was beautifully done. The Prosperity Oil had speckles of gold glitter along with bay leaves. I did a patch test on my skin to make sure that I wasn't allergic to the ingredients. 

The consistency of the Prosperity Oil went on my skin with ease. Opening up the Prosperity oil for the first time, the scent reminded me of cherry cola. It was very sweet but not to the point where it was sickening. I did notice that my dry skin felt moisturized upon using it after the shower. The Abundance soap lathered up nicely, without stripping the skin from any oils. 

Usually, with spiritual items, its best to set an intention while using them. In my case, I wanted the items to help me provide wellness in my health and abundance in my freelancing career. Having a strong set of intentions in conjunction with La Sirena's products made a difference. 

Upon using them for a week, I started to gain more client work with my writing and my graphic design services. In terms of my health, I noticed that I've been making more conscious decisions on eating better. My overall mood has been improved. I feel a bit sexier! My husband definitely like the scents of my products. In short - La Sirena's products are the real deal. 

Would I buy more products from La Sirena? You bet that this bruja would! I'm planning to try out her other oils once I finish using up my products. 

Be sure to follow La Sirena via Twitter and shop for her products! You will not be disappointed.