Silk Salwar Kameez & Benarasi Sarees are Redefining Eid Festive Fashion

After drifting through the first part of the year are you as excited as we are about the upcoming Eid festival? Kick-starting the celebratory second part of the year everyone is busy preparing for the festival of Eid. As you think about Eid all you can visualize is about delicious food, stunning traditional outfits and heavy accessories. Eid is a joyous occasion lined with a lot of events and functions you enjoy and attend with family and friends.


Benarasi sarees made in Varanasi are known to be the finest sarees throughout the world admired for their gold, zari, silver brocade, fine silk and opulent embroidery. The major types of Banarasi sarees are - pure silk (katan); organza (kora), georgette, and shatter. For Eid these sarees made from finely woven silk and decorated in intricate designs will absolutely make the wearer stand out from the crowd. These sarees reflect a rich look due to their engravings which make them heavy.


Banarasi sarees with price is available at online boutiques in versatile shades. You can purchase the saree keeping in view your budget for the Eid shopping as price is displayed with each saree at reliable online stores.


Bridal Benarasi Saree is often part of an Indian bride's outfit. When buying a bridal Banarasi saree it is recommended that you opt for a traditional look. You must take into consideration that the price of traditional Banarasi sarees depends on the design of the base and border. Moreover since the shade of the saree greatly determines the entire look, to achieve an ideal look you must ensure that the shade of the outfit matches your complexion.


For a full-fledged family get together to an Eid special party at your friend’s place, you can buy silk salwar kameez with endless possibilities to be decked up in the best of designer outfits and jewelry.


Salwar Kameez is no doubt one of the most famous Indian dresses. This beautiful ensemble is almost diversified and has the ability to form into any type of style that is in trend. These days you can find many designer Salwar Kameez online that are embroidered as well in printed varieties. With so many fashions and trends available the beautiful dress can be worn for any occasion whether it is Eid or wedding event.


Silk Suits for weddings and formal events are very popular as they are beautiful heavy works in Jamawars, satins, silks, velvets and chiffons that look lovely for weddings and other formal events. Silk suits having heavy work done by hand or machine of sequins, chicken karri, zardozi, bead work are ideal for Eid celebrations too.  

The stylists at online stores are ready having put together looks to give you some fashion inspiration for the upcoming festive days. Thus go on and gather some festive style goals.

So here’s a wish that you are all set to dazzle at the Eid parties and dinners in silk salwar kameez and silk suits. Check out the amazing Eid special collection at online boutiques.

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