Vive Cosmetics Cremosa Matte Lipstick Review


I first heard about Vive Cosmetics via a mutual friend and beauty influencer Maria a.k.a. AgapeLoveGirl. I was curious about the company and was curious to find out more about their mission. 

From their website:

Vive Cosmetics is a beauty brand created for Latinas/xs by Latinas. Vive Cosmetics unites our love for beauty and pride for our heritage and culture all in one place. Vive life to the fullest and be unapologetically yourself- equipped with great lipstick and an unending cultural pride.

As a woman who is a biracial Latina, I felt excited and enamoured by their products. Recently, they came out with their Cremosa Matte Lipstick line. For the purpose of this review, I bought one in shade "Candela."


Shipping was insanely fast! The minute I placed my order, I received a notification within a day's time that it was packaged and shipped. Upon receiving my lipstick, I was greeted with a colourful package. There were gold flakes inside the purple envelope, which I thought was fantastic. The promo cards and sticker was glossy and beautiful. I definitely love the drawing representation of Latinx women in various tones. I'm in love with the sticker that reads Eres Magia (FYI, I placed the sticker above my altar as a good reminder when I do my brujeria). I thought it was really sweet of Vive Cosmetics to include one candy piece! Very tart with a hint of spice. 

The size of the lipstick measures about the same size as the piece of candy that was included in the package. It's a plastic cover, with the logo and brand name embossed over the top cap. The overall lipstick cover has a matte finish. 


Upon opening the cap, there's a faint sweet scent coming from the lipstick. Compared to what's showcased on the website, the color looks more of a muted red / orange. Not too bright but just enough pigment. I did a swatch on my hand to see the texture. Very creamy and love how it complimented against my peach skin. I decided to wear my lipstick for one day running errands. After drinking tea, having a sandwich and consuming some chips, my lipstick stayed intact! Vive Cosmetics wasn't kidding when it says its #BesosProof (except that I'll have to wait for my husband and plant a smooch on his face hehe). 


You can see from the above pictures on how it looks against my lips. I'm really happy to have discovered this wonderful brand. I do see myself buying more lipsticks from Vive Cosmetics in the future. 

Check out the entire line of their Cremosa Matte Lipsticks here.

Have you tried out Vive Cosmetics? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.



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