I'm addicted to Hush app. Send Help?


I'll be honest - Sephora can be expensive AF. While I love most of their products, I'm not a huge fan of their pricing points on certain brands (I'm looking at you Glam Glow *cough* $59 dollars for one tiny jar?!?) 

The argument could be said that the pricing cost is due to marketing and paying folks who are responsible for promoting the brands. Whatever the reason behind, I still think my wallet should be saved for something useful.

Of course, my addiction to makeup will never go away. So, how did I end up discovering this curious app? Through a beauty influencer who goes by the Instagram handle @ti.ffa.ny

In one of her images, she promoted a tiny size wine bottle lip tip and expressed her love for the Hush app. I decided to search for it via the App Store and downloaded it quickly. 

Sure enough, I was greeted with a friendly prompt to sign up. Afterwards, I was taken to the main dashboard where the user can shop for the products.  


The interface is very straightforward and fluid. Design wise, it’s a consistent palette between a rose quartz / millennial pink colour scheme.  

One thing that caught my eye was the pricing points on the products. I found a couple of highlighter and eyeshadow palettes that are from indie brands (Bad Habit and Face Candy seems to be the leading ones via the app) which looked pigmented.  I managed to buy the Mermaid and Unicorn Glow Highlighter Palettes Bundle for $20 and the Beauty Creations eyeshadow palette for $10. 

You know that feeling where you really want your makeup so badly that you’re constantly checking to see if your package has been shipped? I guess the Makeup Gods and Goddesses knew our plea very well. Not only that the shipping is SUPER FAST (allow one business day for the order to process), BUT (and you won’t believe this) - NO MINIMUM SHIPPING REQUIREMENT! 

 *cue the long gasps and faints*

Fam, we’re talking about not being tempted to meet the minimum shipping requirement to qualify for free shipping. If you want that item for $5, go ahead and order it. No shipping included. $2 dollar order? No big deal - IT’S STILL FREE!  Take that, Sephora.

*takes a sip from her large cup of Earl Grey tea*

So you’re wondering - “Well that’s fine and dandy, but are these palettes a flop?” 

Good question! Below I provided some makeup porn for your viewing pleasure: 

I tested out the shades on my arm and holy cow, they’re pigmented AF. By itself (without any setting spray / oil) they’re visible on the skin. Of course, the effect would be double if you were to mix a bit with a setting spray / oil. 

You figured that one purchase wouldn’t be enough. Nope - I ended up buying sheet masks ($1/each), some skin care and more makeup. On two occasions, I qualified for a free sample since it was over $35 dollars. You get to spin the wheel once your order is completed.  

Now, let’s look further into the app. Hush has a point system where you can get free coins upon checking in the app daily. These points can be redeemable for any future purchase. 


At the moment, I’m in Silver level. I haven’t cashed out the points since I wanted to save them up for a major purchase. The highest level you can achieve is Diamond level. The points can also be earned through your purchases as well.  

Another benefit from using the Hush app? You can post your favourite looks, hauls, etc. in an Instagram-style interface.  



The only gripe I have with this feature is the lack of hashtag usage. I feel it might be useful to connect with other users or search based on a trending tag. At the moment, the community is divided up into two tabs - Friends and Trending. Still, it was nice to have a clean interface where it creates more of an intimate setting to share your interests with others. 

At the moment, Hush is experiencing a technical error where users aren’t able to receive their tracking numbers via email. I do wish that the tracking number was included in the order listing tab. For now, you’ll need to contact Customer Support and ask them via email on the tracking status. The customer support team is super friendly. Never had a bad experience with them (which is a plus, considering the issues they’re experiencing).   

EDIT (as of May 6, 2018): Hush has managed to fix the issue with users not receiving emails on their order and shipping updates. Hooray 😁  

Do I see myself getting bored with this app? Nope. Do I see myself finding ways to buy more stuff that I can use? You bet I will.  

For more information, check out their website. Hush app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. 

Have you tried Hush? If so, what are your thoughts? Would love to hear your thoughts via the comments section. 

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