The Fire Of Prometheus by John Kuzma | Book Review

Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. 


Synopsis from his book:

Long ago, while camping alone in Death Valley, I experienced the encroachment of darkest night upon me. Darkness was everywhere, but above me was the most beautiful display of brilliant stars I’d ever seen. The starlight of that darkest night became for me the Fire of Prometheus.

May these poems gleam in your dark nights and ignite your daily life with Promethean Fire.
— John Kuzma, The Fire of Prometheus

My Impressions About The Fire Of Prometheus

Imagine taking a walk around your local neighborhood and witnessing mundane activities. To some folks, one can be easily bored and find stimulating activities that don't consist of regular responsibilities (i.e., going to the bank, grocery shopping, visiting a barber). The poet's approach to creating an ordinary moment into something extraordinary is a rare skill to possess. By rare, I'm referring to the ability in making a moment without the superfluous adjectives that end up losing focus in the purpose of the poem. 

Considering the poet's musical background and his ability to create such perfect timing on elaborating without providing excess, it's no wonder he chose the title of the book to reflect the state of humanity. Such is the case of one poem, titled "The Sage of Kearney Street", in which the poet describes his encounter with his barber who is an African American man. 

 Poem excerpt from  The Fire Of Prometheus

Poem excerpt from The Fire Of Prometheus

A hint of sadness can be felt towards the end of the poem, as the poet describes the barber's yearning to return to Africa. Notably, mentioning the lineage through bills of sale. The poet's ability to connect with the barber while providing a backstory in one poem shows the poet's skill to provide empathy, while not losing focus on the barber's ability to share wisdom beyond human comprehension. 

It can be said that the poet's ability to bring the small moments from everyday life into something spectacular should not be an understatement. Considering the poet's life or death situation (in which he states in the book that he underwent a successful Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for Parkinson's Disease in 2016-2017), it's no wonder that the poet's ability to embrace life with such tenacity should be a lesson for all of us. The moments he shared in his book share a constant theme: We must embrace our lives (no matter how big or small) as a treasure; a gift from the Universe. 

If you're looking for illumination and insight with a sense of modern wisdom, I encourage everyone to check out the poet's book. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
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